Above and below are pictures of Struppi, the world's first Pyr Shep Flyball Master, having a GREAT time at Flyball. Struppi is the top-ranked Pyr Shep in the USA. His half-brother Tison -the Pyr Shep world's 2nd Flyball Master- is the top-ranked Pyr Shep in Canadian Flyball. Flyball is a fast-paced relay game in which teams of 4 dogs (any breed) compete. Hurdles & a flyball box are set up for each team. When the stopwatch clicks, the first member of each team sets out at top speed, leaps the hurdles, and bounces on the flyball box which sends a tennis ball flying up in the air. The dog catches the ball in his mouth & runs full tilt back over the hurdles & across the starting line. The second his nose touches the line, the next teammate is off & running. The fastest team wins! The Pyr Sheps love this game!

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