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"Struppi" is the beloved companion of Evelyn McCutcheon of Downingtown, PA.
Evelyn writes:

Struppi "rescued" a kitten when he was six months old. The kitten - probably 4-5 weeks old- was born in the wild and had been abandoned by its mother. It was terribly small, very weak, and close to starvation. I was not sure if it would make it. However, I am happy to say that he turned out to be a healthy, happy cat and Struppi's great friend. Max is now a house cat but occasionally I let him out since we live in the woods and it is quite safe. If it is time for him to come in and I can't locate him, I send Struppi and he always finds him and "herds" him up on the porch. It is so funny to see. I am also still amazed that Struppi did not hurt this little kitten when he picked it up since he himself was just a little puppy!

Struppi's friend, Toby, a Great Pyrenees, was also greatly taken with Max the kitty.
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