If Garonne could write, he would have sent his Grandma a postcard like this one which is found for sale throughout the Pyrenees Mountains. "Bisous" means "kisses"

Susan Buttivant writes:

Here is a story that a friend of mine told me about that was published in the latest issue of the Finish Kennel Club magazine. In the magazine it is 3 pages, so this is the condensed version.

Cassandran Garonne is a little Pyr Shep from Finland. When he was 4 years old, his owner went away on a holiday. She lived in Helsinki and took the dog, on the bus (which it was used to travelling on), to her mother's house 250 km. away. She dropped the dog off with her mother -who often looked after the dog- and left to go on her holiday.

Apparently this Pyr Shep possessed a "typical" Pyrenean temperament. He was a little wary of strangers and if pushed may snap at them. And he was somewhat nervous of strange situations and noises when away from his owner. A week went by and all was fine. He was used to being at his "Grandmother's" house. So, when she was out mowing her lawn before a thunderstorm arrived, she had the dog outside with her. But, along with the lawn being mowed, an impending thunderstorm in the distance, and the army doing low fly-bys, the Pyr Shep decided that since he couldn't get in the house, he would just go home.

He went to the bus depot and found the bus that his owner had brought him on. The bus had been used for three other trips since and also cleaned. Amazingly enough the little pyr shep found the bus, and the seat his owner had sat in, and hid under the seat. Eventually the bus loaded up with passengers and proceeded to make the scheduled trip. On a few of the stops the little dog would scoot outside and go to the bathroom and run back onto the bus. He quite happily accepted pats and food from the passengers and on one or two occassions would run to the front of the bus and look out the window. It wasn't until well into the trip that the bus driver realized that the dog did not actually belong to any of the passengers.

Upon arrival at the bus station of one of their destinations the authorities and passengers made a big fuss about this amazing little lost dog. He was given food, water and one of the passengers had made a leash out of wool. Just by chance the owner of the dog was on another bus in the station to make the trip to her mother's house to pick up the dog. She heard about the fuss going on about a little lost dog and being a dog lover got off the bus to investigate. She was stunned to find it was her dog! She was so surprised that she started to look around for the "Candid Camera". When she was told about how well behaved her little pyr shep had been on the bus, she was also surprised.

She immediately phoned her mother who was absolutely frantic with worry and had been searching high and low for the dog. When told the pyr shep was safe with her daughter at the bus station she wouldn't believe it. It wasn't until her son-in-law got on the phone and convinced her of the story that she really believed the dog was safe.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Susan Buttivant
(Chaparral Kennels )
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