Pyr Sheps will be eligible to compete in the AKC Misc. Group and all levels of Herding Trials starting Jan. 1, 2007!

On January 1, 2004, Pyr Sheps became eligible to compete in AKC agility, obedience and tracking.

Effective April 1, 2004: the Pyrenean Shepherd became eligible to participate in Herding Tests, and to participate in Herding Trials on an exhibition-only basis.

To compete, the Pyr Shep must have an AKC number. This can be obtained by registering with the AKC's Foundation Stock Service (your dog will keep this number when the breed eventually achieves full recognition). If your Pyr Shep is registered with PSCA, but not AKC, you can apply using your PSCA pedigree certificate along with the application form (pdf also downloadable at under Registration).

For info on registering with PSCA, contact Patricia Princehouse,

This page will be updated as information becomes available.
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